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Cooking Tunes

 We love music and wanted to share tunes that encapsulate the vibe of making each of these episodes had for our team. Like a spice or an herb, we hope these add flavor to your listening experience!
   EPISODE #1 Time to Start Dancing - Eric grew up with the saying that “When the gods start clapping, you better start dancing”  We’ll talk about what that means and why this dance matters to us.  We’re not therapists, but we can all be experts of OWN lives.


 “I Feel Free” - Cream 

 I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel to be Free - Nina Simone

 "Awakening" - Djeff Afrozilla

   EPISODE #2 Noticing the Signs - We discuss what to look for in yourself and others so you can triangulate as needed. We’ll also share cues for those who love folks might be struggling with issues but don’t know how to ask for help.


“A Thought is Just a Passing Train” - John Moreland 

“Funeral” - Phoebe Bridgers

"No Kissing Baby" - Patoranking

   EPISODE #3 Ask the experts - a primer on the most common mental health issues and some ways to re-establish stability. Eric and Chlotilde are joined by renowned therapist Dr. Siri Sat Nam Singh who lends his expertise on the basics and beyond. 

 “Pursuit of Happiness” - Weekend Players

 "In my bed" - Wizkid

   EPISODE #4 Origin Stories - Eric & Chlotilde share about formative experiences that inspired them to connect with others and you here. 

 "Moment of Truth " Gang Starr

 "Somandla" - Mpuni

   EPISODE #5 Boundaries - What are they? Why do we need them? How do they help us in society, for safety and sanity?  Dr. April Andelle joins this powerful discussion and shares tools and tips for how to use them.

 "Come on In" Lady Wray

"Petit Pays" - Cesaria Evora


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